Car Dealers Increase Vehicle Sales With OBD2 Vehicle Inspections

Ensure no hidden problems are in the cars you sell. Provide OBD2 vehicle inspections to reduce your warranty claims and increase customer satisfaction.

Protect Yourself and Run a VehicleMRI Vehicle Inspection Before You Buy

used car for sale

In a matter of minutes, VehicleMRI can tell you the condition of a vehicle BEFORE you buy it for your lot or accept it as a trade in. VehicleMRI seeks out unseen potential problems with a vehicle’s internal systems that could cost you hundreds or thousands if not detected.


Improve Customer’s Image of You and Reduce their Concerns By Providing An Inspection Report

Many times people perceive used car salesmen as being dishonest and fear that they may buy a car from them that has hidden problems that could cost them a lot of time and money. Auto dealerships offer certified used cars to assure buyers that the vehicle they are buying is not a lemon. Put your customers at ease and provide them with a a VehicleMRI Inspection Report to show them that the vehicle’s internal systems have been inspected and graded by an independent authority.